Our Mission

is to develop a generation of young people who are prepared to enter the workforce by means of sponsoring elementary through graduate level education, computer literacy, and vocational skills training.
Child Scholar

Four aspects of our Mission

These are what we we are doing

International K12 education
One of Child Scholars missions
is to establish learning centers
in many nations of the world. In Nigeria, we are in the process of completing a school house - Veritas Scholars Academy. We hope to have enough capacity for 500 children at this school. In Kenya, we are partnering with Ngala school for the Deaf to provide education to these disenfranchised kids. We are working to establish partnerships in other countries including those in South America and Southeast Asia.
Higher education scholarships
Child Scholars has funded many
students in universities in Africa,
the US, and UK to propel many to unleash their God given potentials.
Vocational Skills Training
Partnerships with Vocational
centers to provide a pathway
for young adults to provide for themselves and their families. Emphasis on providing mentorship to individuals working in the medical field, agriculture and education.
Community Upstream Healthcare
Dr. Emmanuel Okenye founded
Child Scholars while he was in Medical School so there had always been a component of medical missions during our international trips. The goal is to improve upstream healthcare through addressing root causes for disease. We are focusing on primary disease prevention at the community level both locally in the US through our partnership with Thundering Water, an organization based in Roseburg, OR and internationally through our mission trips.

Our Timeline

Plans begin for Veritas Academy in Ikorodu, Nigeria
Doors opened to applications
Education sponsorships continue for kids in Lagos, Nigeria
501c3 non-profit status & Mission trip to Haiti
First mission trip to Ikorodu, Nigeria. Permanent site for Veritas Academy school was purchased. Building commenced.
Veritas Academy: Six classrooms built. Bathroom and water projects complete.
Veritas Academy: Interior finishes, painting, windows, and furnishings for the school & Ngala School for the Deaf and Scholars Roast launch.
Veritas Academy: Interior finishes, painting, windows, and furnishings for the school & Ngala School for the Deaf and Scholars Roast launch & Veritas Academy: Built the second floor and roof.
Veritas Academy: Built the railings
Veritas academy: Our goal is to complete the building & Philippines Project Launched & Be the Link Scholars Academy curriculum development launched


Our Vision

Create Curriculum
Create an online curriculum for Child Scholars Academy where local use fuels the delivery to impoverished kids in developing countries.
Train Teachers
Provide training and material to the teachers at the Veritas Scholars Academy.
Promote Partnerships
Support ICT, vocational learning and creative art through partnerships
Clinic Collaboration
Link local health clinics in resource rich areas with international clinics in resource poor areas
Medical Missions
Host health fairs in resource poor areas
Hope House
Provide a safe space for victims of sexual abuse to live and thrive

Our Projects

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”
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Our People

Founder and President - ChildScholars

Founder - Veritas Academy Nigeria

Director of Operations

Director - Child Scholars Academy

Director - Ngala School for the Deaf

Director - Ngala School for the Deaf

Director - Philippines Project